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GREAT NEWS!!!!! We can now accept same day deliveries!! Mrs ACupcakes@the Pickwick is now working with Chicago Messenger Service to deliver our cupcakes to any place in the Chicagoland area. We request 2 hours minimum lead time and you can have our cupcakes at any doorstep ! Please call us for rates. 


Try our featured cupcakes, flavors change daily! The ELVIS: peanut butter frosting on our banana cupcake, or make it CHOCO BAnana, with our light chocolate buttercream. Also available: Lynn's Strawberry Swirl,  strawberry cupcake with a yummy strawberry frosting,  OREO BLAST is making its mark with a rich cream cheese frosting covered in crushed oreos on our chocolate cupcake, make it simple? Hunter's Fudge , a rich fudge cupcake, simple , need we say more? PARK RIDGE DOUBLE CHOCOLATE came in number one in an office  taste off with other cupcake stores, we are soooo happy. Our Red Velvet came in second (but only because Number 1 went to a gal in the office who baked hers)So technically, we were also number one!!!




Party Cupcakes!
Great for your milestone events, birthdays, Christenings, GRADUATION,showers !
Let's get creative with your motif!
Time to jump into the cupcake craze, enjoy our simply delicious cupcakes  for your parties and events! We custom decorate  cupcakes for your special event!





Classic House Cupcakes  2.79

BIRTHDAY CUPCAKE:Yellow or chocolate cupcakes with Vanilla Buttercream & sprinkles

KYLIE’S Favorite: yellow cupcake with chocolate buttercream  with chocolate sprinkles

DOUBLE CHOCO: choco cupcake with Chocolate Buttercream & schocolate sprinkles

HUNTER’s Fudge: rich fudge frosting on chocolate or yellow cupcake & colorful sprinkles


Specialty Cupcakes: 3.20

RED VELVET with cream cheese frosting

CARROT Cake: no nuts no raisins, cream cheese frosting

MOCHA: coffee flavored cupcake & frosting

UBE: purple yam  both cake & frosting

ChocoBanana: says it all (not in season)

ELVIS: banana cupcake with peanutbutter frosting (not in season)

COCONUT: yellow or chocolate cupcake with a rich coconut vanillabuttercream


Seasonal Cupcakes: 3.20-3.99

OREO BLAST*: chocolate cupcake with cream cheese frosting topped with OREOS!!!!

RASPBERRYChocolate:rich chocolate cupcakes with a raspberry vanilla buttercream frosting and swirl.(out of season)

GERMAN CHOCOLATE*: stuffed with a rich coconut & pecan custard, fudge icing and caramel drizzle(not in season)

SALTED CARAMEL Swirl : yellow cupcakes with a caramel cream cheese buttercream & caramel swirl with a touch of mediterranean sea salt

NUTELLA:  nutella smeared cupcake with a nutella buttercream frosting, chocolate shavings

MANGO  SHORTCAKE: yellow cupcake split & filled with light & lush mango buttercream

BUKO PANDAN: bright green with coconut, get it while we have it.

LEMON LULU: lemony cupcake with lemon pie buttercream (comes with coconut, too) (not in season)

PINK LEMONADE : strawberry Cupcake with lemon Pie Butter cream...not in season (not in season)

Strawberry Swirl: another returning favorite, strawberry frosting and strawberry cupcake Not in season

COOKIELICIOUS: our chocolate chippie baked into yellow cupcakes, frosted with Biscoff CookieButter frosting, topped with mini chocolate chips and a chippie.

SNICKERDOODLE: cinnamon cupcake with a cinnamon cream cheese buttercream, toppedd with our snickerdoodle cinnamon rock sugar.

Toffee Machiatto: Mocha coffee cupcake with a shot of mocha buttercream, frosted with our chocolate buttercream and topped with crushed toffee

German Chocolate Cupcakes: rich custard, coconut and pecan filled chocolate cupkes in our chocolate cupcakes. 

Mini Cupcakes: yellow, chocolate and red velvet   19.99/dozen, 60 minute notice needed. Subject to cupcake availability.

Baby Cakes: smaller than our regular cupcake but bigger than the minis. starts at 25/dozen 

CUSTOM CUPCAKES: for weddings, birthdays and all occasions, personalized and individually decorated.Tiered stands available for rent or sale. 

Remember,if you like the cupcake, we can make this into your celebration cake, too!

Seasonal cupcakes subject to availability. CHECK for what’s available! We may not have the all the flavors or may have run out.

*not included in the Groupon or Living Social selection of cupcakes 


GIANT CUPCAKE:  39.99 & up, your choice of cupcake flavor & frosting 

SMASH CUPCAKE  9.99 & up , celebrant’s personal cupcake to smash or eat.


Daily selection may vary.Minion cupcakes available. Ask us to make two for you.

Give us a ring to make sure we have your favorite treat. During busy times, we may not be able to accept same-day orders and may have to limit

walk-in purchases to one dozen cupcakes. Please note that weekends are especially busy. We do not accept cupcake orders for Groupon and invite you to come visit and choose from our large selection.

Special order cupcakes are a minimum of 6 per flavor. we recommend coming in to choose from our wide selection of cupcakes.

We bake with peanuts, tree nuts, milk, eggs, wheat, soy,

raw eggs and other food allergens. If you have any sort of

food allergy, run away.

(Prices are subject to change.) 

Bailey's Irish Cream, Peanut Butter Fudge, Green Tea, Buko Pandan, Lemon Coconut, Chocolate Chip, Raspberry Fudge, custom cupcakes also available with 3 days notice and 1doz minimum per cupcake flavor.
MINI CUPCAKES: availability varies. Best to order ahead of time. 19.99 a dozen per cupcake.








Affordable Indulgence: have a cupcake today!

House Favorite Cupcakes:  2.79each

Vanilla/chocolate with either vanilla buttercream, chocolate buttercream, fudge  frostings, with Sprinkles, coconut  or plain

Red Velvet, Carrot Cake Cupcakes  & other cream cheese frosted cupcakes 3.20 each

Buy 5 get1 free with a Mix and Match! Not valid for special order cupcakes or cookies.

The offer is good for when you walk into our pink little store and choose from our available stock.

Custom Cupcakes: specify icing flavors or colors, sprinkles, inscription  36.00/dozen and up depending on decor requirements.

Special order and custom cupcakes not available in the buy 5 get 1 free offer.

Cupcake Kits & More

Fun party ideas for all ages!

24Cupcake Party Kit 85.99

24 iced cupcakes, vanilla and chocolate with an assortment of sprinkles, non-pareils, m&ms, jelly beans and , fruit & cinnamon imperials, & extra frosting for a fun party! Create your own cupcake and enjoy. Additional cupcakes, 6 for 12.99 .Ask us for PARTY SERVICES. We can provide a cupcake specialist to help set up, work with the kids and clean up your cupcake party whereever you have it. Our party planner also provides all your special event needs from tableware, servers, DJ for all your special occasion needs, not just cupcakes!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake Kit  45.99

Our home baked quality 16” chip cookie cake with icing bags of frosting and assorted accents: non-pareils, sprinkles, M&Ms.  Be creative with your cookie cake! Cookie only 25.99

Cookie Blanks: .79 and up

Assorted Holiday Cookies left plain for you to decorate. Minimum 12 each design.

Smiley rounds 1.29 each, no minimum, always available.

Gingerbread House 24.99

Hand-cut gingerbread from an heirloom recipe, set up and ready to decorate. Orders only.

Cupcakes for your special events.
Birthdays, weddings, showers, corporate events, parties galore, we have the cupcake to fit your needs!
Prices subject to change without notice.